press release

This exhibition is the first to explore the opening decades of paper photography in the country of its birth, focusing exclusively on photographs printed from negatives of fine writing paper. This early process—replaced almost entirely by glass negatives by 1860—was favored especially by men of learning and leisure who not only accepted but also appreciated the medium’s tendency to soften details and mass light and shadow in a self-consciously artistic way. At home, their most frequent subjects—ancient oaks, rocky landscapes, ruined castles and abbeys, gatherings of friends and family—provided an antidote to the ills of modern, industrialized society; abroad, they were drawn to the glories of past civilizations manifest in Roman ruins, medieval churches, or Indian temples. Nearly 120 works by 40 artists have been assembled from 27 private and public collections; most are being exhibited in the United States for the first time.

Impressed by Light:
British Photographs from Paper Negatives, 1840–1860
Kurator: Roger Taylor

Künstler: William Henry Fox Talbot, David Octavius Hill (Hill & Adamson), William Collie, John Muir Wood, John Dillwyn Llewelyn, Benjamin Brecknell Turner, Thomas Sutton, Alfred Capel Cure, Robert Henry Cheney, Horatio Ross, Thomas Keith, Calvert Richard Jones, Alfred Backhouse, Jane Martha St. John, Charles Clifford, John McCosh, John Murray, Linnaeus Tripe.