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The exhibition presents works from nearly 50 Finnish and international outsider artists. Outsider Art has begun attracting more and more attention in Finland. Relegated to a position on the periphery of the art world, Outsider Art is replete with amazing handiwork, exuberant fantasy, intellectual insight, humour and social criticism, as well as agony and exclusion.

ITE Sculpture Park at Töölönlahti flower garden Töölönlahti flower garden features works by some 20 self-taught contemporary folk artists from different parts of Finland. The sculpture park is realised by the Union for Rural Culture and Education and its curator is artist Ilkka-Juhani Takalo-Eskola. The Helsinki City Public Works Department and its park division will execute a vibrant flower garden in the area.

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Künstler: Veli Granö, Künstler aus Gugging , Giovanni Battista Podesta, Adolf Wölfli, Alain Bourbonnais, Aloïse , Johann Fischer, Willem van Genk, Madge Gill, Chris Hipkiss, Vahan Poladian, Tyyne Esko, Martti Hömppi, Alpo Koivumäki ...