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Espai d'art contemporani de Castelló is presenting the group exhibition In suspension, showcasing recent work by three Latin American artists who examine architecture, urban development and, more specifically, interrupted constructive processes.

In suspension presents the work of Alexander Apóstol (Barquisimeto, Venezuela, 1969; currently living in Madrid), Cinthia Marcelle (Belo Horizonte, Brazil, 1974; lives in Belo Horizonte) and Héctor Zamora (Mexico City, Mexico, 1974; lives and works in São Paulo). Be it through altering building material, reoccupying vacant lots or documenting abandoned buildings, their works visualise a brand of city planning that is, more than in construction, "in suspension" and showing evident signs of crisis.

The exhibition includes, among other works, Alexander Apóstol's series of photographs Skeleton Coast (2005) taken on Isla de Margarita, whose coastline is dotted with hotel and residential resorts that were never finished; Cinthia Marcelle's videos A fonte (2005) and 475 Volver (2009), which deal with the lack of functionality inherent to actions carried out in empty slots; and Héctor Zamora's 6 de la serie de potencialidades (2009) and Swiss Modul Tropicalisiert (2010), two sculptures made with bricks and tiles that explore the ideas of construction and deconstruction in the public space.

By being presented in the city of Castellón, the works question the built environment and provoke a reconsideration of the urban planning policies which sustain the so-called "brick economy". The exhibition is also contextualised within the current crisis in the construction industry and the bursting of the housing bubble in Spain. Both on the east coast of Spain as well as in other areas around the world, including Latin America, city planning and architecture has been subject to dramatic ups and downs as a result of phases of growth and slowdown in the economy.

In suspension showcases a group of sculptures, photos and videos made over recent years and holds up a critical yet at once ironical mirror to one of today's most pressing problems: sustainability in economic growth and its effect on urban development. The exhibition will be accompanied by a bilingual Spanish-English catalogue with texts by Iria Candela and John Rajchman and interviews with the three artists.

Curated by Iria Candela

only in german

Alexander Apostol, Cinthia Marcelle & Hector Zamora
Kuratorin: Iria Candela