press release

Mitchell-Innes & Nash will present the group exhibition Indirect Object in their Chelsea gallery from December 2 through January 10. The exhibition will include recent work by Matt Mullican and Frances Stark, two sculptures by Cady Noland from the early 1990s, and several new works by Amanda Ross-Ho.

Each of the artists incorporates personal and cultural images and language into works that create individual vocabularies. Matt Mullican and Frances Stark work most directly with language itself. In Mullican's large wall pieces, grids of letters, numbers, and childlike pictures are combined with abstract forms to create a fictive cosmology. For Frances Stark, language is an essential part of her production as both medium and object. She uses prose, fragments of writing, typewritten letters, and images and tools of writing itself.

Amanda Ross-Ho's new works include a large cut-canvas piece, photographs, and drilled-sheetrock works covered with found photographs. She finds a visual chemistry between source imagery and the actual physical space of the artist's studio. Her framed "peg-board" pieces sit on the floor, creating a hybrid: a sculptural object with the qualities of a picture. Likewise in one of Cady Noland's sculptures, images and text are screen-printed over aluminum, creating a combination of direct image and reflection. For all these artists, images are subsumed into physical qualities of material, while material takes on cultural content.

Matt Mullican lives and works in New York and is represented by Tracy Williams Ltd. Cady Noland lives in New York. Frances Stark lives in Los Angeles and is represented by Marc Foxx in L.A. and CRG Gallery in New York. Amanda Ross-Ho lives and works in Los Angeles, where she is represented by Cherry & Martin. She is represented in New York by Mitchell-Innes & Nash.

Matt Mullican, Cady Noland, Amanda Ross-Ho, Frances Stark
534 W 26th Street