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This is no longer a visual and performing arts festival.This is a qualitative leap, a change of paradigm. A space in which to appropriate tools that transform the dominant imaginary, to subvert imposedbeliefs and to apply a different morality. Performance theatre apply to reality. Performance theatre as a tool to transform society.For a genuinely active culture accessible to all (3€-5€ for 4 shows and 10 instalations).

INnMOTION 2005 1 - MY DADS STRIP CLUB (UK)Entertaining the troops Cultural sabotage: talk 2 - XAVIER THEROS¡Que bello es vivir... bien! Polypoetic talk 3 - TAL DANCE (Turkey)Dolap Dance. The task of transporting a fridge from one place to another 4 - SOL PICÓPaella Mixta (excerpt) A comic dance escapade 5 - URSULA MARTINEZ (UK)Show off Nightclub performance...or not 6 - BIG ART GROUP (USA)Flicker FRT: Film in Real Time 7 - LIGNA (Germany)Radio ballett Wave invasion 8 - ERNA OMARSDOTTIR and JÓHANN JÓHANNSSON (Iceland)IBM 1401 – Manual del Usuario Dance and machine music 9 - REKOLONISATION (Germany)Dios es Nivea Fusions 10 - SKALEN (France)Xenit (excerpt) Dance, video and gravity 11 - CAMILLE BOITEL AND LA ASOCIACIÓN LA MÈRE BOITEL (France)L'homme of Hus Theatre of gestures, objects and imbalances 12 - STUPID FEATS (Burgos)El acelerador de partículas The ‘trial and error’ method 13 - CRITICAL ART ENSEMBLE (USA)Art and discipline Talk14 - LOS CORDEROSCrónica de José Agarrotado (menudo hijo de puta) Dance? Theatre? A no-exit date 15 - 100.000 RETINASRatcatcher Great film 16 - TURISMO TÁCTICOLa ruta de l’anarquisme Tour 17 - LEO BASSITour EVERY DAY 18 - DAVIS FREEMAN (UK)Too shy to stare (solo version) Solo para 1 19 - CANDIDA TV (Italy)Sopopia Open-code TV soap 20 – KLAAS KUITENBROUWER (Netherlands)El oráculo de los objetos hallados Qualitative responses 21 - EDDIE EGAL (UK)El Ingenio Pironáutico Elements in the buff 22 – MECANIQUE VIVANTE (France)El Piano a Gallinas Musical improvisation 23 – A . P . T . C.Mariposas With no beginning or end 24 – MARCEL·LÍ ANTÚNEZAlfabeto Emotional prosthesis 25 – TELENOIKAVideo parasite festival 26 – EL VICIODJs 27 – ADIOS PEPINODIY sex workshops


only in german

4 days, 8 spaces, 28 companies
CCCBC/Montalegre 5

Künstler: My Dads Strip Club , Xavier Theros, Tal Dance, Sol Picop, Ursula Martinez, Big Art Group , Ligna , Erna Omarsdottir / Johann Johannsson, Rekolonisation , Stupid Feats , Critical Art Ensemble , Los Corderos , Leo Bassi, Davis Freeman, Candida TV , Klaas Kuitenbrouwer, Eddie Egal, Mecanique Vivante , Telenoika , Adios Pepinodiy ...