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Searching philosophical exchanges, fleeting glimpses and peephole voyeurism, Intimate Acts brings together a range of performative, video and photographic works that provide a glimpse into the nature of intimacy, desire and the suggestive power of the imagination. Drawing together national and international artists, this exhibition explores the social, physical and psychic relations between subjects.

Artists: Jemima Burrill (UK), Patty Chang (USA), Kelli Connell (USA), Futoshi Miyagi (Japan), Elise/Jürgen (AUS), Smith/Stewart (UK), Julie Traitsis (AUS)

Intimate Acts
Kurator: Melissa Keys

Künstler: Jemima Burrill, Patty Chang, Kelli Connell, Futoshi Miyagi, Elise / Jürgen, Smith / Stewart, Julie Traitsis