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An exhibition of over 50 works from the collection of the Irish Museum of Modern Art, of Irish art from the pivotal decade of the 1970s. Historic works by artists such as Robert Ballagh, John Burke, Michael Coleman, Brian King, Louis le Brocquy, Anne Madden, Tony O’Malley, Patrick Scott, Maria Simonds-Gooding and Michael Farrell are included.

The exhibition is drawn largely from the P.J. Carroll Collection, works from which were recently given as a Heritage Gift to the Irish Museum of Modern Art. P.J. Carroll and Co. became one of the first major sponsors of the visual arts as early as 1964, when they sponsored the 21st anniversary exhibition of the Irish Exhibition of Living Art. The exhibition also draws from the Gordon Lambert Trust, which was recently given to IMMA. The collector, the late Gordon Lambert was another major supporter of the arts in Ireland.

Irish Art of the Seventies

mit Robert Ballagh, Louis le Brocquy, Deborah Brown, Michael Coleman, Patrick Collins, Felim Egan, Cecil King, Anne Madden, Colin Middleton, Tony O´Malley, Patrick Scott, William Scott, Michael Warren ...