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Islanded: Contemporary Art from New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan features work by 12 contemporary artists from New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan.

This exhibition is the outcome of a unique curatorial collaboration between the Adam Art Gallery, The Substation and the Institute of Contemporary Arts in Singapore. Islanded features work in a range of media by both established and emerging artists from New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan, and many of them have created new works especially for this exhibition.

The exhibition critically reflects on the post-colonial histories and geo-cultural anxieties experienced by those who live in islands such as New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan, which are located on “the periphery”, geographically, culturally or politically.

The works in this exhibition engage with notions such as “to island”, "island-ness" and being “on the edge”. They examine the complex histories and multitude of factors that play a role in defining the identities of these islands and in their imaginings and (re)inventions. While reflecting upon the differences and uniqueness of New Zealand , Singapore and Taiwan as islands, this exhibition also reveals certain shared concerns and anxieties. The artists’ works explore a range of issues relating to history, collective memory, migration, mapping and the construction of national identity.

This exhibition has been jointly curated by Sophie McIntyre (Director, Adam Art Gallery), Lee Weng Choy (Artistic Co-Director of The Substation), and Eugene Tan (Director, The Institute of Contemporary Arts Singapore).

The exhibition will tour to Singapore and Taiwan in 2006 and 2007 and features work by: Stella Brennan (NZ), Regan Gentry (NZ), Amanda Heng (Sing), Ho Tzu Nyen (Sing), Richard Killeen (NZ), Tsui Kuang Yu (Taiwan), Charles Lim (Sing), Wu Mali (Taiwan), Ani O’Neill (NZ), Tan Kai Syng (Sing), Tsai Anchih (Taiwan) and Yao Jui Chung (Taiwan).

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Contemporary Art from New Zealand, Singapore and Taiwan

mit Stella Brennan, Regan Gentry, Amanda Heng, Ho Tzu Nyen, Richard Killeen, Tsui Kuang Yu, Charles Lim Yi Yong, Wu Mali, Ani O´Neill, Tan Kai Syng, Tsai Anchih , Yao Jui Chung