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With works by over 50 artists, “It is Hard to Touch The Real” is an opportunity to look at how contemporary artists are engaging with the presentation and mediation of reality through the use of documentary video. The selected works, presented in a 'videoteque', address concerns both personal and political and question our ability to distinguish fact from fiction.

The styles of TV news reports, interviews and home movies merge into the hybrid genres of reality soaps and info-tainment programmes that inform our perception of the world. With a broad variety of approaches, these works combine extensive research with improvised performances as they challenge our understanding of authenticity and reality.

Whether developing a relationship with their subjects or viewing them from a distance, the artists of “It is Hard to Touch the Real” go beyond voyeurism to produce works that speak to our desire to experience genuine truths on an intimate level.

The works are presented as a self-selection video lounge so visitors can choose their own viewing programme.

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It is Hard to Touch the Real 2
Artists' Documentary Video
A project by Kunstverein Munich
Organisation / Auswahl: Sören Grammel, Maria Lind

Künstler: Gitte Villesen, Nina Könnemann, Johanna Billing, Ursula Biemann, Oliver Ressler, Ruth Kaaserer, Annika Eriksson, Mari Laanemets & Killu Sukmit, Esra Ersen, Marion von Osten, Isa Rosenberger, Olivier Zabat, Solmaz Shahbazi & Tirdad Zolghadr, Hito Steyerl ...

07.02.03 - 09.02.03 Kunstverein München / 1. Festival
05.03.04 - 07.03.04 Kunstverein München / 2. Festival
19.10.04 - 06.11.04 Site Gallery, Sheffield
13.01.05 - 30.01.05 Tallinn Art Hall
01.04.05 - 17.04.05 Yeans Göteborg
03.06.05 - 03.07.05 UKS Young Artists Society, Oslo
01.04.06 - 29.04.06 Grazer Kunstverein, Graz