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Chilean-born Iván Navarro’s light sculptures have evolved from his extensive exploration of light and electrical materials, together with a profound interest in enriching a dialogue with modern and contemporary artists, designers, architects, and musicians who have made significant contributions to art history. Fluorescent Light Sculptures features three floor sculptures, fourteen wall sculptures, and three videos that illuminate the thematic directions of his multilayered practice over a decade. The Nowhere Man series, shown here in its entirety for the first time in a museum in the U.S., engages and transforms the iconic pictograms originally created for the 1972 Olympics. Videos are as important to Navarro’s practice as his sculptures: The three videos on view illustrate the artist’s conceptual and formal reach. The exhibition is curated by Julia P. Herzberg.

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Ivan Navarro
Fluorescent Light Sculptures
Kuratorin: Julia P. Herzberg