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Supportico Lopez is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of the American artist J. Parker Valentine

“The ‘perfect storm’ metaphor describes the improbable coincidence of several different forces or factors to produce an unusual outcome. The perfect landscape is conceptualized as a result of the combined, interacting effects of multiple environmental controls and forcing to produce an outcome that is highly improbable in the sense of likelihood of duplication at any other place or time […] Thus the probability of existence of any landscape or earth surface system state at a particular place and time is negligibly small: all landscapes are perfect.” (Jonathan D. Phillips, The Perfect Landscape)

J. Parker Valentine’s work is deeply connected to, and rooted in, drawing. While her diverse practice spans film, photography, collage, and clay and fabric sculptures, her distinctive mark registers throughout. Developing narrative through abstraction is key for Valentine (b. 1980 in Austin, Texas); on her delicately balanced MDF panels, her drawings (and simultaneous erasure) might suggest the fragments of a figure or form, but it is the visibility of process that steers our encounter. Valentine seems to constantly pursue a definition of form while at the same time avoiding it. The non-resolution of her system of creation shifts our perception from a bi-dimensional surface to a sculptural level where an innumerable number of composite concepts take form.

J Parker Valentine’s recent and forthcoming exhibitions include: Peep Hole, Milan; Lisa Cooley, NY; Taka Ishii, Kyoto; Austin Museum of Art, Austin; Leo Koenig, NY; Front Room, Contemporary Art Museum, St. Louis; Artists Space, NY.

Supportico Lopez would love to thank Archive Kabinett, Berlin. The exhibition is in collaboration with Peep Hole, Milan.

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J. Parker Valentine