press release

On the occasion of the 6th Berlin Biennale we are very pleased to announce our sixth exhibition with the Norwegian artist Jan Christensen.

A monumental sculpture fills the large exhibition space at c/o – Gerhardsen Gerner gallery. The complex system made of wood, rope, and eight beer crates floats, seemingly effortlessly, from a hook affixed to the ceiling in the large gallery room. The sculpture branches out and doubles its limits like a gigantic mobile, and, on its span downwards, the construction enters into a game with balance.

During the opening, visitors are invited to interact with and through the artwork: the bottles of beer may be drunk, thus serving as a catalyst for social exchange. In order to prevent the dissolution of the structure, visitors must work together. The sensitive equilibrium could, with the removal of only one bottle, become disturbed and possibly collapse. Jan Christensen was born in 1977 in Copenhagen and studied at the National College of Art and Design in Oslo. The artist currently lives in Berlin.

Jan Christensen’s wall paintings were shown this year in an exhibition curated by Dr. Sven Beckstette in the Kubus at Lenbachhaus in Munich. A large wall painting by the artist will also be included the exhibition “Raum für Raum,” curated by Dr. Susanne Meyer-Büser and presented in the colonnade of the K21 Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen in Düsseldorf from July through Autumn 2010. This year, Jan Christensen’s work was included in the Biennale für Internationale Lichtkunst Ruhr (Biennial for International Light Art Ruhr) and presented in a solo exhibition at Østfold Kunstnersenter in Fredrikstad (Norway).

Jan Christensen
Interrupted Space Continuum