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Centering on Harvard’s collection of Johns’s signature “crosshatch” works of the 1970s, this exhibition explores the impact of print on his oeuvre. It examines “print” and “the press” in terms not only of printmaking and Johns’s celebrated experiments in that medium, but also in informational terms, tracing his frequent use of newspaper collage and its material, temporal, and political implications. Also featured is comparative material exploring Johns’s relationship to the history of printing. Curated by Jennifer L. Roberts, Professor of History of Art and Architecture, Harvard University; with assistance from Jennifer Quick, PhD candidate, Department of History of Art and Architecture, Harvard University, and Agnes Mongan Curatorial Intern, Harvard Art Museums; Susan Dackerman, Director of Academic Programs, and Carl A. Weyerhaeuser Curator of Prints, Harvard Art Museums; and four Harvard College undergraduates: Jacob Cedarbaum, C. Andrew Krantz, Mary Potter, and Phillip Y. Zhang.

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Jasper Johns
Ort: Arthur M. Sackler Museum