Château de Rochechouart

Musée d'art contemporain de la Haute-Vienne - Château de Rochechouart
87600 Rochechouart

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Flavien's works encompass a wide range of forms, from drawing and architecture to poetry and publishing. Their force derives from an unbounded imagination, fascination with strange events and temporal accidents. Ever since 2002, the enigmatic presence of dinosaurs have haunted a cycle of works he is currently still engaged in making: “[Dinosaurs] mainly interest me because of what they enable me to build and think, and what I can contribute myself. They only emerged in my work because they come from a totally alien world, outside anything I've made before or lived through. They continue to constitute an alien world, or rather this alien world never stops making itself. Their distance from us, helps me re-examine my own ways of working. It facilitates the elaboration of an architecture suited to their existence and the development of ways to exhibit it that correspond to the time scale they inhabited. Each drawing, sculpture or intervention is an attempt to alienate mysel f from our familiar environment... to create a world where we don't exist.”

For what is his first solo exhibition in a public museum, Jean-Pascal Flavien has chosen to show over sixty drawings, models and films from Viewer, a fictional yet functional architectural structure recently completed in Brazil. The exhibition is accompanied by the printing of a new publication edited by the Devonian Press, jointly founded and run by Jean-Pascal Flavien and Julien Bismuth.

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Jean-Pascal Flavien
Forgotten times & moments