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Documentary photography presents the possibility of understanding. Paris-based American photographer Jeanne Hilary’s Eden communicates a visionary “portrait of America” through photographic landscapes and portraits of everyday small towns across the country.

Eden images are intended to draw attention to ideas of authenticity and changing concepts of time. Hilary states: “The philosophical foundation of the project is to evoke the histories of small-town America, and, via the website and digital billboards, bring these histories to urban dwellers both in and outside the USA. It is hoped that Eden will encourage viewers to think about their place in time, and see their environment as an historical place, of which the present moment is but one part of an endless accumulation of memory… Eden, is a view from the road of our good intentions.”

The outdoor installations and video are connected to each other and the viewer via the interactive website and the exhibition. This project and exhibition has been supported by an Artist-in-Residency grant from the Palm Beach County Cultural Council.

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Jeanne Hilary
Eden. A New Media Project