press release

The artist, performer and authoress ONA B. started her career 1980 in Vienna. Her OEuvre covers painting, installations, sculptures, designs, films and performances, texts, concepts and music.
She is a member of the „DIE DAMEN“, „Phoenix Production“ and she currently works with the „Andelsbuch-Gang“ to heir large land-art-performances. ONA B. has participated in international exhibitions like the Biennial, Ankara 1990 – first prize for DIE DAMEN, the Venice Biennial in 1993 – „Böse ist besser“ with DIE DAMEN, the Cairo Biennial in 1997 with Tone Fink (film „Roll Over“), the Biennial of Valencia 2001 – with Norbert Brunner (film „Sembon Dorii“) and she was invited with her installation images „Secret Life“ to the Biennial in Beijing and with the film „Under-Cover-Red“ (together with Beofilm)to SIM51 Festival in Beijing in 2008.

A number of museums have dedicated asolo – show to ONA B.: 1993 Museum of Modern Art in Prague „Jsem jen oko“, 1994 Museum of Modern Art in Passau „Zanshin“, 1996 Dum Umeni-Brno „Dark Mirror“, 2004 Shanghai Art Museum „Red Planet“, 2006 Vienna Künstlerhaus „Dream“ and NAMOC in Beijing „Red Happiness“ , 2009 Museum of Natural History in Maastricht „Red Animal“. 2010 she was be represnting in Egon-Schiele-Art-Centrum and 2012 at the Castle Klatovy /Klenova – CR and at the Palais Yeniköy-Istanbul- TR
She built a HOANTZN installation in kunstGarten, shows pictures and here in kunstGarten created display cases (3 days residency) .

Adrian Buschmann: Born in Kattowitz, Poland. Lives and works in Berlin, Vienna and Vallebona.
Education: Studies painting at the Art Academy (UDK), Berlin at Prof. Leiko Ikemura and Daniel Richter.
Buschmann creates paintings that alternate between abstraction and representation while conflating styles from different eras with ironic comments on the contemporary art scene. A continuous, up-to-date and joyful challenge which exiles the artist in his solitary and inner search.In 2013, he won the Strabag Artaward International.
Adrian Buschmann describes his images as emotional painting, by which he refers primarily to his visual themes and motifs. The subjective, emotional aspect of his work, which is attended by something irrational and subconscious, is contrasted by the extremely precise composition of what is depicted. The reduction bordering on denial produces an unusual awareness of what has not been painted. Ephemerality and a feeling of extreme decisiveness lie side by side. Lightness oscillates with sharpness to generate an underlying duality. The artist pursues the concept that ideas are not self-contained, completed forms. According to Buschmann, ideas are based less on the idea of creativity than on a procedural structure.
Or, as Francis Bacon said in conversation with David Sylvester (Munich 1982): “I attempted to depict a bird […] but suddenly the lines I had drawn suggested something quite different, and the image arose from this suggestion. I never intended to make the picture this way, I never imagined it in this way.” Henriette van der Werff, Berlin, 2012