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Jennie C. Jones
Constant Structure
March 19–May 22, 2020 - extended until September 26, 2020

Out of an abundance of caution and in keeping with recommendations by the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization, The Arts Club of Chicago is closed to members and the public until further notice. We look forward to welcoming visitors to this exhibition in the near future and to publishing installation photographs online. Please visit our website for updates.

The Arts Club of Chicago welcomes artist Jennie C. Jones for a solo exhibition of a new body of work. The exhibition, entitled Constant Structure, runs from March 19–May 22, 2020 - extended until September 26, 2020.

In her first institutional solo presentation in the city, Jennie C. Jones has launched an entirely new body of work that incorporates the space of exhibition in innovative ways, expanding her characteristic visual vocabulary into the parameters of the room.

Lingering at the intersection of music theory, painting, and sound, Jones draws on the concept of “constant structure”—a term borrowed from Modern jazz composition. It refers to a consecutive chord progression with different root notes that links disparate tones into a cohesive entity. Like the intervals of jazz then, Jones’s new acoustic panel paintings, works on paper, and site-specific gestures, hit moments of dissonance and harmony through serial repetition and variation.

Jones has made her mark since the 1990s by bringing the context of African American music history to bear upon the legacy of geometric abstraction and minimalist form. The works included here depart from the characteristic muted gray palette of the last decade, and begin to draw upon new hues made available by a specialty acoustic textile manufacturer. Working with a set of given materials and colors, Jones frees her forms to address poetic ideas about a personal version of Synesthesia—the melding of vision and hearing.