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Melding aspects of computer animation, digital media, experimental film, architecture, and design, Los Angeles-based artist Jennifer Steinkamp creates ravishing abstract and figurative projections that reside in the realm between the physical and the virtual. Technology plays a major role in her art, however it never takes precedence over the desired aesthetic effect—her computer is the equivalent of oil paint, palette, and brushes. Steinkamp is one of the most important video and new media artists of her generation, and she brings a heightened focus on human sensory experience through her phenomenological installations, using light, motion, and sound to dematerialize and activate space, setting her oeuvre apart from that of her peers. The first survey of the artist’s work, Jennifer Steinkamp is organized by the San Jose Museum of Art and accompanied by a major catalogue published by Prestel Verlag. Steinkamp was a visiting artist at the Kemper Museum.

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Jennifer Steinkamp