press release

It is a great pleasure for Galleri Nicolai Wallner to present "reflection" an exhibition with new installations and sculptures by Danish artist Jeppe Hein.

Jeppe Hein shows the modularity of space by constructing and deconstructing it. Combining sculpture and installation with architecture and technology, he sets up a dialogue between work, viewer and site. Interactive in the truest sense of the word freed of any dubious connotations, Hein's work involves the physical presence of the viewer set against a pattern of minimal forms.

Perfectly cloaked, "Reflecting Object" sends the eye in all directions except that of the object itself. It melts the walls, floor and ceiling into one continuous surface, rounding off the corners of the white cube. The constant motion further destabilizes its reflection. The ball rolls around aimlessly, presenting new views of the spectator caught in the middle of the seamless gallery space. More orderly than its larger cousin, "Around the Corner" consists of four small, chromed spheres sliding across the wall in synchronized movement.

Entering the "Spiral Labyrinth" the viewer is faced with a myriad of broken images. The latticework of polished steel distorts vision and space duplicating the viewer endlessly in a reflection of reflections. Hein uses mirrors to another ends in "Mirror Neon Cube". Rather than breaking down space he constructs it virtually by presenting a cube suspended within its own closed environment.

The form of the cube is repeated in "Changing Neon Sculpture". The glowing Rubik's cube of shifting patterns pauses when approached by the viewer. It resumes when the movement stops and the disturbance is over - its seemingly sentient behaviour coaxed by a sensor installed in the ceiling.

The works present in the show are based on simple principles. However if the viewer ventures through the looking glass a poetic world of form and reflection is unveiled.

Jeppe Hein has had solo exhibitions at several prestigious institutions including Centre Georges Pompidou (Paris), Tate Liverpool (Liverpool), Spregel Museum (Hannover), and Shirn Kunsthalle (Frankfurt). He currently shows at the Danish National Gallery. In 2007 Hein will have a solo show at Tate Modern, London.


Jeppe Hein: reflection
New installations & sculptures