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Jitka Hanzlová presents Brixton (2002): a series of portraits of people and places for which she was short listed for the Citibank Photography Prize in 2003. Commissioned by The Photographers' Gallery, London, Brixton is a series of photographs of women approached by Hanzlová in the street, during visits to the area over a number of months. The images occupy an edgy and ambiguous territory between the formal posed portrait and the quickly captured moment of a chance encounter between artist and subject. "There clearly is a relationship here, but one of awkwardness that serves to create images which communicate something about the photographer, as well as about the subject." 1

Brixton also includes images taken through windows in the district, which offer another dimension to this body of work.

Jitka Hanzlova's work is shown courtesy of the artist, The Photographer's Gallery, London and Gasser Grunert Gallery, New York.

1 Lisa Le Feuvre; ex. cat. The Citibank Photography Prize 2003; The Photographer's Gallery, 2003


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Jitka Hanzlová: Brixton