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Jo Baer's extensive oeuvre spans an artistic journey and critical dialogue from abstract expressionism through her well known minimalist paintings into her current style rooted in metaphorical imagery – what she terms as 'radical figuration. In her artistic practice she continues to embrace collaboration and debate as she endeavors to make painting relevant and reflexive.

Jutta Koether is a painter, performance artist, musician, writer and critic. Within the field of painting she is equally 'multipurpose' with her use of translucent colour fields, the gestural brushstrokes and a dynamic physical installation of the works themselves. Her engagement with the historisation of the discipline is played out and explored through her re-negotiation of classical genres such as portraiture, landscape and still life, the use of the female form and the lyrical appropriation of poetry, music and art. Her work switches between an exuberant visual experience and a committed but wry appraisal of the possibilities of painting.

The exhibitions of Jo Baer and Jutta Koether are curated by Annie Fletcher.

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Jo Baer // Jutta Koether
Kurator: Annie Fletcher