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Since the early 1990s, when he decided to adopt photography as the medium of his artistic practice, Jochen Lempert (Moers, Germany, 1958) has been investigating animal life with an insatiable curiosity and an informed gaze, in the most diverse contexts (the natural habitat, the museum of natural history, the zoo, the urban environment), as well as in its representations in everyday life and material culture. This interest in animal life dates back to his time as a university student of biology. Furthermore, his involvement in the field of experimental film, as part of the Schmelzdahin collective (1979-1989), was also to leave indelible marks on his photographic work. Invariably photographing in black and white with a 35 mm camera, the artist undertakes a remarkable exploration of the properties and materiality of the photographic image. This exhibition is the largest presentation to date of Jochen Lempert’s work, revealing a unique artistic position, constructed without any concession to the dominant trends and canons of contemporary photography.

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Jochen Lempert
Field Work

Kurator: Miguel Wandschneider

Eröffnung: Freitag, 6 Februar 2009, 22 Uhr