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Antwerp – Zeno X Gallery is proud to present ‘Vi Finns Inte’ by Jockum Nordström. For his second solo exhibition at the gallery, Jockum Nordström made seven new collages and three new drawings. Living and working in Stockholm, Jockum Nordström (°1963, Sweden) succeeds in escaping from the rapid changes, high-speed production and technological developments we are confronted with nowadays. He continues what he always has been doing: drawing, cutting, composing, building, painting and pasting. Through magazines, music, illustrations from children’s book and books about outsider art, folk art and surrealism, he travels to different worlds where fantasy and creativity have no limits. Also observations from his own surrounding inspire him. Jockum Nordström carefully makes fragile collages and drawings in which it is difficult to draw the line between non-fiction, fantasy and dreams. You easily get involved in a narrative image that seems simple at first sight but is full of humour, irony and nostalgia. With the flat superposition of the pieces in his collages, each collage could be a scene in a puppet theatre. His new exhibition, ‘Vi Finns Inte’, Swedish for ‘We don’t exist’, is filled with existential questions. Nature is above everything and humans are lost, seeking for a new direction. In his collage ‘Djuren är vâr hopp’ he praises animals as our hope and in ‘Vägvisaren’, the sun and nature are key elements in our search for finding a path. Currently work by Jockum Nordström is on view in the collection presentation of Centre Pompidou in Paris. His work is also part of the collection of Moderna Museet in Stockholm, the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles and the MOMA in New York among many others. In 2013 a solo exhibition with Jockum Nordström will be on view at LAM, Musée d’art contemporain in Lille and later on at the Camden Arts Center in London.

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Jockum Nordström
Vi Finns Inte