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In A Stretch Museum, Scale 1:1, Joëlle Tuerlinckx has set herself the task of manipulating the viewer’s senses in such a way that you lose hold of the normal feel of time and space. It’s a game in which the museum becomes a bolt-hole for the imagination. Tuerlinckx manipulates the museum halls so as to give you the impression that you are entering a model, but then a real scale 1:1 model. Almost all the halls are covered with brightly coloured, fluorescent paper, into which passageways have been cut. Wall-sized photos and video projections show simple actions and observations, gigantically blown up. Light slats open and close, so that rooms, projections and objects disappear from sight, only to reappear later. Through, above, next to and in all this, Tuerlinckx displays her diary notes, personal time-keeping instruments (étalons), round discs and paper, wood, glass and Perspex structures, and dozens of films.


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Joëlle Tuerlinckx
A Stretch Museum - scale 1:1