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Johan Hendrik van Mastenbroek is famous for his attractive paintings of the harbour of Rotterdam. He followed the development of the harbour closely and it occupies an important place in his oeuvre. Born in 1875 in Rotterdam as the son of a dealer in paint and paintings, Van Mastenbroek became familiar at an early age with art and artists such as the Hague School painters, Jongkind and the French artists Corot and Daubigny. At about seventeen he had already made hundreds of sketches which were later to stand him in good stead when he was working on his paintings. When he was eighteen he was offered a contract for one year by an English art dealer, which led to his paintings being displayed at major international exhibitions in London and New York.


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Johan Hendrik van Mastenbroek (1875-1945)
Impressionist, painter and draughtsman from Rotterdam