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John Sonsini, a Los Angeles-based painter, creates of portraits of Mexican day workers. He pays them their usual hourly wages to pose, fully clothed in straightforward standing or seated poses. His simple portraits articulate the complex issues of immigration, labor, work and art. Part of the exhibition will include his series “ Day Labor” a series of 20 small portraits produced during a month long project where Sonini worked in outdoors in the parking lot of the Hollywood Community Job Center, an agency that helps laborers find employment. Each day one man would be selected by lottery to receive $60 to sit for Sonsini. One painting would be completed each day.

“A Whitmanesque affection animates Mr. Sonsini's art, and you feel it as much in the paint as in the portraiture.” KEN JOHNSON ,The New York Times March 25, 2005

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John Sonsini