Mori Art Museum, Tokyo

Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, 6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku
106-615 Tokyo

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UK based duo John Wood (b. 1969) and Paul Harrison (b. 1966) have worked together since 1993 producing video works informed by a wide range of interests including sculpture, performance, and architecture. On their screens, paper, balls, pieces of wood, and other materials move under the influence of forces such as gravity, tension, and wind power. Their work appears very simple, and its use of artist-made low-tech objects and everyday items gives it an air of a scientific experiment, yet it is a rich source of surprise and full of humor. Their projects are meticulously planned and drawn to produce compositions that take into account the effects of taking an experiment from the three-dimensional world and presenting it in two dimensions within the rectangular confines of a video frame. Superfluous elements are eliminated, presenting a minimal aesthetic.

Wood and Harrison came to prominence in 2000 when they were selected for "British Art Show 5," which showcased the latest movements in British art. Since then, they have been startlingly busy, including solo exhibitions at MoMA QNS in New York and at Tate Britain in London in 2004. MAM Project 005 is their keenly-awaited first major exhibition in Japan, and presents new works created specifically for the occasion as well as other recent works. The 'records of experiments' they exhibit at the Mori Art Museum will make visitors smile, bringing back memories of the excitement we felt as children when our own experiments were successful.

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MAM Project 005:
John Wood / Paul Harrison