press release

f a projects is pleased to announce an exhibition of new work by British video artists John Wood and Paul Harrison.

While Wood and Harrison’s recent works have been characterised by their use of a fixed camera, their own presence in the work, and the clean minimalist aesthetics of their sets, all features which declare their connection to the early video works of Burden, Acconci and Abramovic, this new work moves their practice in a more filmic direction. For their second exhibition at f a projects they will show a single screen projection. Entitled The Only Other Point, in its narrative and filmic structure, this work marks a significant departure from the artists’ recent multiple channel monitor works. A camera tracks in an apparent single take across a constructed set. The events which unfold within the set could be read as a discourse on the possible configurations of balls falling, rising, bouncing, coming to rest or descending into chaos within a space. This project has something of the quality of a Renaissance treatise: the balls’ movement maps the configuration of the architectural spaces in which these events are played out. But the rougher fabrication of the set and the work’s pace and tone also mark a transition from the formal to the real.

Alongside this work, the artists will show Notebook, recently commissioned by Middlesborough International Museum of Art.

John Wood and Paul Harrison’s most recent international shows include the Museum of Modern Art, New York, CCA Wattis, San Francisco, MIMA, Middlesbrough. Forthcoming shows in 2005 include Ffoto gallery Cardiff, White Columns, New York and Ludwig Museum, Budapest. Their work is represented in major public and private collections internationally, including the Tate Gallery, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, New Museum and Art Gallery, Walsall, The British Council, The Government Art Collection, and The Arts Council Collection.


John Wood / Paul Harrison
The Only Other Point