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JONATHAN HERDER, Denomination The works in Jonathan Herder’s second solo exhibition at Pierogi continue his focus on the raw material of postage stamps, with widened attention to include other official currencies such as bank notes and stock certificates. The drawings and collages that comprise this exhibition engage the perceived dual qualities in their source material, of the exalted and pragmatic, i.e. evoking the noblest of ideals for mundane function.

DAVID SHAPIRO, Rock Iraq This exhibition will feature an 8-by-8 foot tabletop model of a hypothetical benefit concert, “Rock Iraq,” which doesn’t exist but quite possibly could. It is a concert with corporate logos but no sponsors, no musicians, and no music. It exists as a tabletop model to American ambiguity, assuaging guilt, displaying compassion, condemning failure, and inventing triumph.

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Jonathan Herder / David Shapiro