press release

Jos de Gruyter (Geel, Belgium, 1965) and Harald Thys (Wilrijk, Belgium, 1966) have worked together since the late 1980s. Over the years, they have produced countless videos, for which they are best known, but their work also frequently includes photographs, sculptures and drawings. Seeking their inspiration in everyday reality, and making use of an absurd humour, Jos de Gruyter and Harald Thys offer a merciless (and caricatural) portrait of the human condition.

After their exhibition at Culturgest in Lisbon, in 2009, the artists are now presenting a very extensive series of colour photographs, strange compositions of everyday objects, captured against a grey background and under a harsh light. In this way, they pursue their construction of parallel and largely indecipherable worlds.

This exhibition is organised in association with Kestnergesellschaft, in Hannover, and Mu.ZEE, in Ostend.

Harald Thys / Jos de Gruyter
Objects as Friends
Kurator: Miguel Wandschneider