press release

Jose Carlos Casado In a catalogue for Casado's solo exhibition at Fundacion Picasso in Malaga, Spain, Anne Barlow describes the artist's work as presenting timely, beautiful, and perturbing insights into the complexity of our present and future "human states". The central project in the show is a two channel video installation titled "Pandora's Box (revisited).v04" - an interconnected two-screen video that combines real life footage with digital imaging, special effects, and graphics creating a visually intense tale of perpetual re-birth and the future of "biological body." Carnal beings and androids, birds and bees, and re-written myths of procreation invigorate the umbilically tied organic and technological realms. Casado is a 2004 recipient of NYFA Artists' Fellowship in Video.


Jose Carlos Casado: “well-dressed lies” (video installations)


“A Perfect Day for Bananafish"

mit Sue de Beer, Omer Fast, Wolfgang Staehle, Jennifer & Kevin McCoy, Mary Kelly, MTAA (M.River & T.Whid Art Assoc.),, Diana Cooper, Spencer Finch, Paul Johnson, John Klima, Steve Mumford, Jack Risley, Guy Ben-Ner