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Following a four-year search José Gutiérrez Solana. Dibujos. Botin Foundationand classification, the Botín Foundation will open in Santander the most complete exhibiton of drawings by José Gutiérrez Solana ever to have been held. Visitors will be able to see over 90 drawings, many of which have never previously been published or even shown in public, thus making this event a real first of its kind for judging the ouvre of this exceptional artist.

José Gutiérrez Solana (1886-1945) was chosen by the Botín Foundation -because of his artistic reputation, importance and his close ties to Santander- to be one of the artists in its Spanish drawing corpus which was launched in 2007 and aims to revaluate this lesser known or appreciated facet of Spain´s greatest artists.

Numerous exhibitions of Solana´s work have been held in the past. However, his facet as a drawer has always been pushed into the background, historically eclipsed by his paintings.

As María José Salazar, the exhibition´s curator, points out: "It is the first exhibition ever devoted entirely to this aspect of his oeuvre, which confirms, once again, the personality of this singular, powerful and hard-to-define artist who produced an art firmly rooted in life, in the traditions and customs of our country and, on many occasions, connected to the land of Cantabria where he always felt he belonged".

The exhibition will show every stage in Solana´s creative process thanks to a selection of 90 drawings, including works from his apprentice years, 1896-1900, which have never been on show before, and others from the last years leading up to his death.

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José Gutiérrez Solana
(Jose Gutierrez Solana)
curator: Maria Jose Salazar