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When Julian Schnabel exploded into the art world three decades ago, he almost single-handedly rescued painting from its moribund state in the 1970s. The cynicism of pop art and the cool detachment of minimalism, in the years after the heroic and romantic nature of abstract expressionism, led many a critic and art historian to ask if “painting was dead.” Schnabel answered this question by not only resurrecting the grand gesture, but making it once again contemporary, rigorous, and relevant.

Schnabel’s work is imbued with references to both common experience and his own personal vision. Pictorially, these references may appear as graffiti or gestures that hark back obliquely to the antique or they may be more directly representational as seen in his figurative paintings.

As his work has evolved over the years, Schnabel has integrated a variety of materials into his painting, and has become involved in other media and is now regarded not only as a major painter, but also a photographer, sculptor, and filmmaker. In that point, Gallery HYUNDAI provides you with the retrospective exhibition of 24 works including his important early and recent works. Through this tour exhibition from Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai to Seoul, please sympathize with his art world applauded as one of most pioneering artists in his time.

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Julian Schnabel