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B-1000 Brussels

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Justin Andrews (*1973; lives & works in Melbourne, Australia) employs the mediums of painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, installation and film within his practice. His work is produced either permanently or ephemerally in both two and three dimensions. A section from a recent statement reads as follows: “Within my project, I employ various forms that maintain an ambiguous relationship with the world. There is also the aim of re-centring the artist within the work - to emphasize my subjective point of view - of the world and of the work made as a direct result of contact with the world. The methods I use to construct or compose my work resist tradition in some ways. They break free from the rules of formalist aesthetics associated with balanced pictorial construction. The conscious thought processes inherent within recent works push the idea of visual instability further, developing the idea that informal compositions are able to symbolically point towards the complexities of public space.“ Andrews has held solo exhibitions in Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney, Amsterdam, and will be holding a solo exhibition at Konsortium, Dusseldorf, following his solo exhibition in the CCNOA Project Room. He has participated in group exhibitions both locally and internationally. He is affiliated with the Inverted Topology collaborative installation group and the Primer artist co-operative, Melbourne.

Justin Andrews