press release

Perspectives 143: Katharina Grosse features a site-specific installation created by Berlin-based artist Katharina Grosse for the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston's Perspectives Gallery. Grosse will transform the architectural space with one of her signature radiant, atmospheric, color-field paintings. The performative nature of Grosse’s work is chronicled by the layers of brilliant color she applies with a spray gun, causing the paint to reach out and cover the entire gallery. Her gestural strokes, combined with the urban technicality of spray painting, further blur the distinction between painting and installation to turn the space into a sensory burst of intense color. Drawn to the subterranean aspects of the Perspectives Gallery, the artwork Grosse will produce for the Museum will cover the floor—an architectural feature she is just beginning to explore in her work—as well as the walls and columns in the space. Viewers will literally be able to walk into her painted environment and find themselves surrounded on all sides by vibrant, shimmering color. A Perspectives-format catalogue with an interview with the artist by exhibition curator Lynn Herbert, reproductions of exhibited work, and documentation on the artist’s career will accompany the exhibition.