press release

The Kreeger Museum is proud to present a special exhibition of one of Washington’s star sculptors, Kendall Buster. Consisting of a major site-specific installation, drawings and models, this exhibition showcases the extraordinary vision of this innovative artist. Kendall Buster creates large-scale sculptures that are both object and architecture.

“It is my hope that my sculptures may in some way mark the place where biology and technology meet and confront the viewer with a sense of both invitation and threat,” says the artist. “I regard these architectural projects as sites that are both seductive and threatening and as structures that offer an uneasy embrace.”

Kendall Buster received her Masters degree in sculpture from Yale University and has recently accepted a position at Virginia Commonwealth University. Kendall Buster is represented by Fusebox Gallery in Washington, DC. An artist’s book will accompany this exhibition.

Roundtable Discussion Thursday, April 24, 2003 7:00 pm

Kendall Buster, Artist Andrea S. Pollan, Art Critic and Curator Sarah Tanguy, Art Critic and Curator

In conjunction with the exhibition, Inventory of Imagined Places, this discussion between three influential women in the arts inspired a stimulating dialogue between the speakers, as well as with the audience. A video recording of the presentation was made and can be viewed in the museum (please call 202/337-2050 to make arrangements).

Kendall Buster
Inventory of Imagined Places