Kill Your Timid Notion - Festival

Künstler: Marc Baron, Loic Blairon, Morgan Fisher, Jarrod Fowler, Emma Hedditch, Anthony Iles, Mattin, Christof Migone, Resonance Radio Orchestra , Howard Slater, Smith / Stewart, Natalia Stürz, Ultra-red , Taku Unami …

For your consideration. A festival of open-ended proposals for image, sound and dialogue. A week-long chance to spend time together investigating simple proposals by watching, listening and talking.

We have little to no idea as to how KYTN will go this year, and that's deliberate. We don't want to know, we want to find out. Instead of knowing in advance what is going to happen, we want to ask people (artists, you, ourselves...) to make some simple proposals that we can then all investigate and see what we can produce, together.

We humbly submit KYTN as an attempt to (or a have a stab at it at least): do what Morgan says above, strip back music & sound, film & moving image to their core, think about how they might be refocused and used to say something about the world we live in now, test afresh and for ourselves the implications of the radical concepts these art forms are built upon.²

How well it goes will be up to you as much as it is up to us. So we'd like you to be involved.

This site sets out the kinds of things we'll be doing and the kinds of ways you can do them with us. Let's see where we get to.

¹ An axiom is an apparently self-evident statement: a kind of starting point or truth, from which other systems can be derived and things worked out.

² Radical concepts (axioms) which now have whole traditional systems dervived from them (what is music and what isn't, how audiences should respond to thing and how they shoudn't, how a film should be constructed, what the purpose of art should be...). But every system is derived by people (with specific interests) and so rests upon a whole bunch of assumptions (political, ethical, aesthetic...). Maybe you don't agree with those assumptions? Maybe they're holding us back? Maybe it might be interesting to address ourselves to those (pre-everybody-else's-assumption) axioms again: today, here and now, together and draw our own conclusions...