press release

For the first time the work of Kimberly Clark is presented in a total installation with work by the three artists who set up the collective in 2005 and who have since made quite a name for themselves: Iris van Dongen, Josepha de Jong and Ellemieke Schoenmaker.

Kimberly Clark is a name that everyone vaguely knows, but no one can place. Once, it was the fake name one of the 'Kimberly's' used when she dodged the fare on her way to the big city in case she would be trapped; it was the brand name of the toilet paper on the train. This female hooligan provokes, plays with her emotions, is self-deprecating and has a good sense of humour. In 'her' installations, that refer to sex, parties, violence and poetry she expresses her love-hate relationship with the world she lives in. This is visualised in staged scenes halfway between euphoria and despair. These developed from a strong urge to cooperate, yet primarily express isolation.

Kimberly Clark's work consists of sculptures, installations and multimedia, yet individually the artists draw, paint pastels and paintings with themselves as the subjects. Whereas De Jong gets the most personal, though with humour; Schoenmaker paints herself in romantic and challenging environments; and Van Dongen's pastels primarily exude passion. The title 'Hallucinations & Hallelujahs' refers to the both absurd and emotionally charged atmosphere which expresses the desire for a natural high and the will to be absorbed by something greater than the self.

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Kimberly Clark - Hallucinations & Hallelujahs
co-starring Iris van Dongen, Josepha de Jong, Ellemieke Schoenmaker