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The exhibition will show three important young positions embracing the scopes of the figurative and the abstract raising the question what „painting" – after thousands of years of its existence - can be today.

KIRON KHOSLA Kiron Khosla was born in Calcutta India in 1967 and is son of an Indian father and Irish mother. Having lived in India the first ten years of his life he subsequently resided in Malaysia and England before moving to Germany. In 1989 he graduated from the renowned art school St. Martins in London. For the past eighteen years he has been living in Cologne and developing his particular style that combines both the legacies of Asian and Western art.

Numerous exhibitions in Germany, Netherlands, England, U.S.A., Canada and China ensure his international presence.

CORNELIUS QUABECK In the early 2000nds Cornelius Quabeck, as a student of Jörg Immendorf and Albert Oehlen, doubted the possibilities of painting as an artistic media and started to develop an own artistic language of „freedom". For this series of works with the title „schools out" he invented huge colourful creations which have the power fireworks and the appeal of ancient tapisserie at the same time. Sometimes he introduces cartoonlike figures as a counterpart to these abstractions.

DOMINIK SITTIG Dominik Sittig creates abstract works with the weight of the „old masters". Layer by layer is added to the thickly covered canvases in a procedure which takes between two and four years. The result are „monochrome" but yet opalesent canvases of great depth and elegancy. Sittig reinvents abstraction at a new level.

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Kiron Khosla, Cornelius Quabeck, Dominik Sittig