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German designer Konstantin Grcic (Munich 1965) has been constantly in the limelight since his graduation from the Royal College of Art in London in 1990. His designs for such mundane objects as chairs, tables, lamps, pens and trash-cans are classic examples of perfection. They are always, simple, inventive, carefully designed and often made from a single material. Although simple in form, Grcic’s works are often the result of lengthy study and technical innovation. An example: he spent a whole year working on a ballpoint pen for Lamy, and succeeded in reducing the number of elements to three (normally four), a substantial cost reduction. His stackable chair_One for the Italian producer Magis is a technical tour de force, the entire seat being made from a single piece of aluminium, a technique usually employed for casting small components. Grcic also excels in wood, the result of his apprenticeship as a maker of furniture.


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Konstantin Grcic Industrial Design