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IBID Projects is pleased to present a solo exhibition by Kristina Inciuraite. The video work "Lakes" consists of two parts, two visual memories by elderly women about two lakes, which were important places in their lives. The first part frames memories of the artist's mother. She remembers the lakes near the Lithuanian town of Siauliai, where Inciuraite's parents have been living since their youth.

In the second part, a famous Lithuanian film star Vaiva Mainelyte tells a story about a lake near Aukstadvaris, which made her famous in her youth, when she stared in "Devil's Bride" - a film that was shot in the location next to Aukstadvaris lakes and acquired cult status in Lithuania during the 1970's.

Different memories about lakes narrated by two women who are contemporaries document the subjective experience of the past and redefine symbolic realm of femininity that is compared to the inaccessible space of frozen lakes.

Inciuraite's videos explore notions of female identity. She critiques accepted stereotypes of representation and evokes a woman that is not seen, yet participates actively in concrete situations. In other words, in Inciuraite's video films a woman is invisible, but heard; static ascetic images are animated by narrator's lively speech about her inner secrets, about unrealised desires or nostalgic memories. In this way female identity is marked by means of her verbal self-expression. In Inciuraite's video projects we encounter a woman who is related to the past, immersed in historic connotations, which for contemporary society seem distant and even decadent. Pressetext

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Kristina Inciuraite
Ausstellung in Vilnius