press release

Art and Money will be the central theme of this year's MAK Day on 26 October and the various events and activities scheduled for the national holiday on which admission to the MAK is free.

Parked in front of the main entrance to the MAK for one day, the money-tanker EU de Toilette of the group Sabotage Communications will be pumping perfume with an Austrian shilling scent directly into the columned central hall of the MAK via a hose line. The perfume will bubble from a fountain where visitors may fill their personal small bottles with EU de Toilette and take it with them as a lucky charm.

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Kunst und Geld / Art and Money
Kuratoren: Peter Noever, Christina Werner

Künstler: Robert Jelinek, Sabotage , Julius Deutschbauer + Gerhard Spring, Boris Marte, Günter Puller, Franz Morak, Ernst Ploil, Cornelius Grupp, Boris Groys, G.R.A.M., Johanna Kandl, Djawid C. Borower, Franzobel , Carla Degenhardt