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Maja Bajevic, Valerie Belin, Yves Belorgey, Christophe Berdaguer & Marie Pejus, Pierre Bismuth, Tacita Dean, Erró , Loris Greaud, Raymond Hains, Alain Jacquet, Natacha Lesueur, Annette Messager, Judit Reigle, Franck Scurti ...

From May 9th to June 25th, the Grand Palais will host the first staging of a new event showcasing contemporary creation in France.

Launched by the Ministry of Culture and Communication at the Prime Minister's request, this initiative fulfils the important role of giving a higher profile to the diversity of artistic creation today.

In what will be a regular event, along the lines of the British Art Show and the Tate Triennial in the UK; the Greater New York at P.S.1 and the Whitney Biennial in the US, every three years the public will be given this opportunity to better understand and experience the different domains of contemporary art and its influence on how we represent our society. The Minister of Culture and Communication has set up a "think tank" to carry this project through. It supports the idea of giving carte blanche to some fifteen personalities - artists, exhibition commissioners, museum directors and curators, art critics and historians, directors of art centres or of regional contemporary art collections (FRAC), and university professors - all representative of different generations and with different points of view on the current state of art.

Each will present their vision of contemporary creation through a wide selection of works, chosen among public and private collections: France's national contemporary art collection (CNAP/FNAC), the Georges Pompidou Centre - Museum of Modern Art (MNAM), regional contemporary art collections (FRAC), regional museums, and those of artists, private collectors and galleries, all essential partners to a project of this type. Without claiming to be an exhaustive survey, this event will explore art across multiple disciplines and look at how they intersect, communicate and resonate, from painting to sculpture, music to film, photography to new technologies. Beyond the exhibition itself, visitors can attend screenings, concerts, talks and performances developed with the different invited artists and commissioners. A bookstore/reference area, created for the event, and a special children's area complete this initiative, alongside an extensive education programme.

This first rendezvous is proposed by the Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication - Délégation aux Arts Plastiques and produced by the Réunion des Musées Nationaux.

EXHIBITION COMMISSIONERS Paul Ardenne, art historian, teacher Eric de Chassey, art historian, teacher Nathalie Ergino, director, Rhône-Alpes IAC-FRAC Hou Hanru, freelance commissioner Lorand Hegyi, director, Saint-Etienne Modern art Museum Richard Leydier, art critic, associate editor-in-chief, Art Press magazine Bernard Marcadé, art critic, freelance commissioner, teacher Dominique Marchès, art critic and photographer Catherine de Smet, art historian Daniel Soutif, art critic Anne Tronche, art historian Eric Troncy, co-director, Le Consortium Art Centre - Dijon, art critic Xavier Veilhan, artist Philippe Vergne, associate director and senior curator, Walker Art Center - Minneapolis Olivier Zahm, associate editor, Purple magazine, art critic and Bastien Gallet, philosopher, critic, and Patrick Javault, musical curator, Strasbourg Museum, art critic (Words and sound) Stéphanie Moisdon, art critic, freelance commissioner (Video, new media, education) Christine Van Assche, senior curator, Centre G. Pompidou New Media Collection (Video, new media) The film programme will be a series of cartes blanches to invited artists, critics and organisations. (List subject to completion)

MEMBERS OF THE THINK TANK Patrick Bongers, chairman, Art Gallery Professional Committee Henry-Claude Cousseau, director, Paris School of Fine Art (ENSBA) Gilles Fuchs, chairman, Association for the International Diffusion of French Art (ADIAF) Laurent Lebon, curator, Museum of Modern Art, Centre G. Pompidou Eric Mangion, director, Villa Arson Art Centre - Nice Catherine Millet, editor-in-chief, Art Press magazine Jean-Luc Monterosso, director, European Photography Museum – Paris (MEP) Jean-Charles Vergne, director, Auvergne Regional Contemporary Art Collection (FRAC) and