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“Lapdogs of the Bourgeoisie” is an exhibition and research project by the curators Tirdad Zolghadr and Nav Haq that examines the effect issues of class and socioeconomic backgrounds have on contemporary art and the individuals working in the field. The project kicked off with an exhibition at Gasworks in London, continued to Istanbul and will now make an appearance in Tensta, before it travels on to Cairo.

It is commonly known that socioeconomic background plays an important part in people’s choice of careers. In order to study the art world the project has decided to hold the concept of class up against the contemporary art world. What is the significance of the fact that most people working in the field have similar backgrounds? What effect does a middle-class background have on the prospects an individual has for getting exposure as an artist or employment as a curator at an art institution?

As class has different meanings in different places, local research is made at the sites the project visits. The investigations involve, among other things, gathering statistical data, and the results will be collated in a publication. Each enquiry is completely unique. The exhibitions will also vary in form and content, and have different participating artists, although some will be featured at more than one site. The participating artists in Stockholm include San Keller, Liam Gillick, and Annika Eriksson.

Lapdogs of the Bourgeoisie January 11 - March 30, 2008

Featuring the artists: Annika Eriksson Chris Evans Dirk Fleischmann / Michele di Menna Liam Gillick San Keller Hassan Khan Natascha Sadr Haghighian Marion von Osten

Also featuring: Charlotte Bydler Stella d'Ailly Suhail Malik Magdalena Malm Mats Stjernstedt Sven Olof Wallenstein, and many others

Exhibition production

Curators: Tirdad Zolghadr och Nav Haq Host: Rodrigo Mallea Lira Project leader: Lisa Mattisson Assisting project leader: Sarah Kim Press, information and guide tour contact: Ida Ömalm Graphic designer: Jonas Williamsson Exhibition technican: Vidar Hertov Carpenters/assisting exhibition technican: Daniel Pernikliski and Christian Edgren Lights: Hana Roubickova Administrative director: Pernilla Luttropp Artistic advisors: Ylva Ogland, Rodrigo Mallea Lira och Jelena Rundqvist

Thanks to: Katrin Bedhjou Arshi , Sven-Olof Wallenstein, Lennart Palmqvist, Stella D áilly, Charlotte Bydler, Magdalena Malm, Mats Stjernstedt, Jan Salomonsson, Daniel Pernikliski, Anna Sjöström, Karolina Hyllner, Håkan, Patrick Kretschek, Miriam Heller Sahlgren, Madeleine Gunnarsson, Hans Davis, Calle Carboni, Karin Hultkvist, Sverker Ohlsson, Måns Wrange.

Also thanks to Beijer bygg Järfälla and Teatergrillen.

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Lapdogs of the Bourgeoisie
Kuratoren: Tirdad Zolghadr, Nav Haq

Künstler: Annika Eriksson, Chris Evans, Dirk Fleischmann / Michele di Menna, Liam Gillick, San Keller, Hassan Khan, Natascha Sadr Haghighian, Marion von Osten, Charlotte Bydler, Stella d´Ailly, Suhail Malik, Magdalena Malm, Mats Stjernstedt, Sven Olof Wallenstein ...