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Lara Favaretto
Blind Spot
December 1, 2019-April 19, 2020

Favaretto’s practice embraces the idea of constant change, creating works of art and situations that are in flux. Though often humorous and playful, her works address more serious subject matter such as decay, consumption and loss. Using elements like obsolete technologies to subtly refer to the passing of time, Favaretto incorporates found materials that are repurposed in her work. These upcycled materials—such as found paintings, discarded books and weathered construction materials—serve as commentary on the lifecycle of material detritus. Favaretto’s oeuvre highlights her interest in exploring ideas of the survival of certain objects over others, while contemplating their legitimacy in relation to the forgotten and exposing their inevitable destiny of wear, corrosion, erosion and breakage.

Blind Spot features paintings, sculpture and interactive installations including Momentary Monument – The Library (2012-2019), an interactive bookcase displaying 2,200 donated books containing folded images from the artist’s archive, a sort of visual reservoir that feeds Favaretto's artistic production. Additional works include a silver plaque with a slit for putting in coins for charity that bears an engraving filled with Savoy-blue enamel forming the words “Your Money Here”; and a newly commissioned, site-specific work for The Bass’ permanent collection, Gummo VI (2019), comprising five automated car wash brushes constantly twirling and wearing themselves down against metal plates.