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Larry Krone first exhibited at the Elizabeth Leach Gallery ten years ago in Know New York, curated by Miriam Rose, the gallery's director at the time. To honor Krone's return to Portland as an artist and performer in PICA's TBA Festival, the gallery will showcase a selection of works on paper from the Love is in the Air series. The handwritten text on all of the drawings is the same; Dolly Parton lyrics repeat with: "AND I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU AND I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU AND I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU..." presenting the work as both sweet and romantic with an obsessive veracity. Both Larry Krone and his work defy art world boundaries with raw sentimentality and authenticity.

Raised in St. Louis, Larry Krone now lives in New York City. Krone has been exhibiting his work for over 15 years, at such locations as P.S.122, Exit Art, The Whitney Museum of Contemporary Art, and was most recently given the honor of a ten year retrospective in his hometown, at the Contemporary Museum in St. Louis.

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Larry Krone