press release

It is our great pleasure to present this autumn’s major exhibition at Brandts: Lars von Trier – The good with the evil. For the first time, this exhibition provides a retrospective overview of the work of Danish film’s greatest master, highlighting the main themes of his world-renowned cinematic career.

With works such as The Kingdom, Breaking the Waves, The Idiots, Dancer in the Dark, Melancholia and Nymphomaniac, Lars von Trier (b. 1956) has distinguished himself as a leading figure of contemporary cinema over the past thirty years. With his controversial narrative style, he has renewed the arthouse film scene and deepened our insight into existential themes such as life and death, sexuality and apocalyptic downfall. In films full of beautifully hypnotic images, von Trier has captivated audiences across the world. In this autumn’s exhibition, Brandts tells the story of the filmmaker for who takes the good with the evil.

The exhibition provides a retrospective overview of Trier's work in the form of film clips, interviews, documents, manuscripts, props from the films and much more. Visitors will be able to "look over the shoulder" of the director and gain insight into his deeply original approach to the possibilities of cinema. In a thematic tour through von Trier’s visual imagery, the exhibition focuses on the way his films challenge the relationship between form and content, ethics and aesthetics, and not least on his experimental play with genres. Lars von Trier – The good with the evil presents a portrait of a director who has uncompromisingly challenged the medium of cinema, himself and his actors to achieve the impossible: authentic emotions and narrative amid the foregrounding of the film as fiction and construction.

Lars von Trier – The good with the evil was created in close collaboration between Brandts and Zentropa. To accompany the exhibition, Brandts is publishing a richly illustrated book about Lars von Trier, edited by Peter Schepelern with contributions from a wide range of international film experts, cast members and collaborators.