press release

The Latin America Roaming Art (LARA) project invites eight artists to take part in a residency, in a specific location in a Latin American country each year. Based on their experience, they will produce a work of art for a group exhibition.

The project is considered "roaming"; every edition will take place in a different location and country within Latin America. It is roaming by its nature (there is no specific country as a base), without losing its core strategy and purpose. The location serves as the inspiration behind each artist’s work. The result will be an exhibition of different responses to the environment, yet bound by the connecting story or central theme of the location itself. LARA aims to initiate discourse, critical thinking and interaction with local and Latin American communities through the concept of creation through experience. It is structured to allow the artist to reflect upon the diversity of landscape, political, social, anthropological and ethnographic issues of the location they visit. As a philanthropic venture, it also aims to introduce art and culture to underprivileged areas, providing educational workshops for local communities. LARA is unique opportunity for artists to partake in a fully-funded residency, and provides an opportunity to exhibit overseas and gain exposure in Asia. LARA is committed to contribute to building the profile of Latin American contemporary art.