press release

Palazzo delle Papesse Contemporary Art Centre presents the seventh show in the Caveau cycle: Máquina do Mundo, an inspiring installation by Brazilian artist Laura Vinci. The show will open at the same time as Zero. 1958-1968 between Germany and Italy, a major exhibition on kinetic and programmed art.

Vinci's work takes its title from a poem by Carlos Drummond de Andrade (1902-1987). The installation consists in a -creation machine- fed with blocks of marble. The process, in a constant cycle, grinds the marble into smaller and smaller fragments, until the stone is pulverised and transported inside the safe room.

Clouds of impalpable matter stratify inside the vaults, giving life to an ever-changing landscape. The iron armoires become the receptacles of the rough material that provides food for the machine. Just like the money once stacked on the shelves of the safe room, the marble accumulating in the Palazzo delle Papesse's strongroom is waiting to be processed and take up a new shape.


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Laura Vinci "Maquina do mundo"