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It is difficult to describe Leo Copers (b. 1947, Ghent) in one word. His work is characterised by its versatility: he is not simply a painter, sculptor or installation artist, but combines various disciplines and is equally at home in the terrain of painter and sculptor as he is with object installations and performance art. This makes him a creative object installer. In their inventiveness, his works connect art and everyday reality. He conjures with images and concepts from our familiar surroundings. Remarkably, the installations often cease to exist, for Copers brings his ideas to life without caring about the survival of his oeuvre. Shooting fireworks, puzzling and surprising, are a challenge to the eye.

For the first time, the exhibition in the Middelheim Museum provides an opportunity to see the open-air works of Leo Copers in the best circumstances. The park, the water and the trees provide the perfect setting for these creations. Visitors can discover the most exciting and characteristic works from the early period of his career, as creations that can no longer be seen anywhere else are rebuilt and (re)presented to the public. As always, the installations are temporary and the exhibition is an exceptional opportunity to experience the works for the first time, or to relive them.

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Leo Copers